The South African Pole Sports Federation was set up specifically to maintain and develop the standards within the pole fitness industry in SA. Pole fitness classes are a reputable form of exercise that can be participated in by all. The SAPSF endeavours to preserve the integrity and professionalism within all of South Africa’s pole fitness studios.

The SAPSF is a registered not for profit company in South Africa that is affiliated with and endorsed by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF).

The IPSF is voluntarily run by members of the Pole Sports Industry from across the globe. The IPSF supports individuals and national federations to unify the Pole Sports Industry. Through setting in place a format that will be accepted by international sport governing bodies, the IPSF’s goal is for the Olympic committee to recognise Pole Sports as an official sport and to one day be part of the Olympic Games.

Why will you benefit from attending pole fitness classes?

  •     Increased body tone and muscle definition
  •     Increased fitness levels
  •     Improved flexibility
  •     Improved Co-ordination
  •     Weight Loss
  •     Increased confidence

How can the SAPSF help you?

By searching the studio directory you can find your local reputable pole fitness studios. Studios and instructors listed on the SAPSF website will be:

  •     Professional
  •     Experienced
  •     Qualified
  •     Up to date with industry knowledge
  •     Charging reasonable rates
  •     Using safe equipment and facilities