Four weeks to go until the entries close for the Gauteng Pole Sports & Artistic Pole Provincial event in Pretoria!

Send in your applications and score form (score forms are required for Pole Sports only) by 23rd February 2018 to enter the Gauteng provincial event.

More details are on our website:

And on Facebook….

If you would like to enter Pole Sports we are hosting the following divisions at the provincial, as well as the national event.

Pole Sports….
SAPSF Bronze Division (Beginner level)
SAPSF Silver Division (Intermediate level)

IPSF Amateur
IPSF Professional
IPSF Elite

This year we are also hosting Artistic Pole at the Gauteng provincial event, as well as at the national event.

Artistic Pole (IPSF) has the following divisions:

Artistic Pole….

Fees to enter the Gauteng Pole Sports & Artistic Pole Provincial event:
R160 per solo entry and R250 per doubles entry.

**The Gauteng Pole Sports & Artistic Pole Provincial event is an official qualifier for the National Pole Sports and National Artistic Pole Competition to be held on 5th/6th May 2018 in Johannesburg.**

Documents are available for Pole Sports & Artistic Pole. These documents explain which division you should be in, compulsory moves (required for Pole Sports only), music guidelines, routine length and everything you need to plan your routines!

For more information and help please contact me:

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