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The SA Pole Sports Federation has been working with the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) regarding the judges training. We have managed to schedule an online course for those of you that are interested.

If you are able to do the online judges course, you can register via the IPSF website, link below. There is only 10 spots available so if you can attend the training please do not delay in booking your spot.

Training Info:
This will be a compact and intense two day training to understand the entire IPSF scoring system. This training is aimed at anyone with a good understanding of pole at any level or those with judging experience in other forms of competitive sports.

The course structure:
• Prospective judges will be required to read the judges manual and complete a workbook prior to attending the course. This will enable a greater understanding of the criteria and a smoother learning experience.
• During the course you will learn all aspects of the IPSF judging requirements, how to mark each section and how to complete the paper work.
• This includes marking on execution of individual moves as well as the entire routine, being awarded extra bonus points, the importance of an artistic and choreographed routine and what this entails. Most importantly you will understand the direction we are taking Pole Sports, seeing our vast efforts to ensure that its development remains unique, not to be compared to any other sport form which already exists.

Trainings at a national level require the judge to speak the language of the country they represent. Should they speak other languages fluently they may also judge in those countries. Trainings at an international level require the judges to be fluent in English both verbally and written. A national judge may be given international status should they prove they meet the requirements. Only those that meet the highest pass rate during international trainings may be invited to judge at the World Pole Sports Championships.

What you will receive:
• Manual and workbook
• National or International IPSF certified judges certificate
• You can then be selected to judge IPSF competitions around the world

Online Training, Re-certification & Code Updates Training:
Open to all with a good level of understanding of pole.

Saturday 7th Feb 2015
Saturday 14th Feb 2015

Saturday from 9:00am – 6pm (UK TIME)
Sunday from 9am – 6pm (Test at end) (UK TIME)

Anywhere in the World

£199 – First Course
£99 – Re-Cert



SA Pole Sports Federation

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