It has been the biggest and busiest year so far for the SAPSF.
Thank you for your support and for being a part of SA’s pole sports community.

The SAPSF is a registered Non Profit Company, and the only pole sports federation in Africa.

Pole Sports is still a new discipline which is now being taken up all over the world. National Federations are needed in every country to monitor, govern, educate and support those who wish to be a part of this growing sport. The SAPSF are working with the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) for the improvement of Pole Sports and it’s representation all over the world.

Let’s take a look back at what the SAPSF did in 2014.
March 2014 Gauteng SAPSF Pole Sports League, Dragon Spirit in Pretoria

Gold Division winner: Neroesjke Theunissen.
Silver Division winner: Denise de Groot.
Duet Division winners: Lance Hastie and Melissa Steenekamp.
Silver Division Masters winner: Rosa Kokkolis.
Bronze Division Masters winner: Margaret Hofmann.
Bronze Division Youth winner: Michelle De Villiers.

June 2014 – National Pole Sports Competition with International Guest Judge Bendy Kate.
Gold Division winner: Venessa Clack.
Gold Men’s Division winner: Marco Vargas.
Silver Division winner: Tania Becker.
Gold Masters Division winner: Benita Bouwer.
Duet Division winners: Lance Hastie and Melissa Steenekamp.

July 2014 Gauteng SAPSF Pole Sports League, IKFF in Johannesburg.
Gold Division winner: Kerry-Lee Brandt Solomon.
Silver Division winner: Candice Roxanne de Jager.
Bronze Division winner: Monika Barnes.
Duet Division winners: Nataniel Pires and Cindy Wills
Silver Division Masters winner: Glynis Nola Ridgway.

July 2014 World Pole Sports Competition London (WPSC14) 2014.
Congratulations to Benita Bouwer in the Masters Division, Melissa Steenekamp and Lance Hastie in the Duets Division. Our top SA athletes qualified for the WPSC14 as a result of competing at the National Pole Sports Competition.

August 2014 – Pole Unity at Barnyard Theatre Rivonia, Johannesburg.
Thank you to all those who supported Pole Unity 2014, our one and only spectacular charity showcase event. Thanks to La Rouge, Sultry Studios, Dance Fitness Creations, The Pole Studio, BodyMind Randburg, Xtreme Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness Revolution, Vertical Vixen and Dragon Spirit for a wonderful show. Charitable funds were donated to KMAD Outreach Programme and the Injabulo Community Centre.

September 2014 KwaZulu Natal SAPSF Pole Sports League, hosted by Bronwyn Waite.
Gold Division winner: Joanna Pawelczyk.
Silver Division winner: Sara Holden.
Bronze Division winner: Chantel Jansen van Rensburg.
Bronze Youth Division winner: Brooke Unsworth.

November 2014 Western Cape SAPSF Pole Sports League at The Pole Project, hosted by Kathy Lee.
Gold Division winner: Sherry Bremner.
Silver Division winner: Liane Wadman.
Bronze Division winner: Semone Reinke.
Bronze Men’s Division winner: Amit Raz.
Bronze Masters Division winner: Chalwyn Vorster.
Duets Winners: Leda Wright and Chanda Ramires

November 2014 Gauteng SAPSF Pole Sports League, IKFF in Johannesburg.
Gold Division winner: Tania Becker.
Silver Division winner: Juliet Mentoor.
Bronze Division winner: Mari-Liza Monteiro.
Gold Masters Division winner: Rosa Kokkolis.
Bronze Masters winner: Tertia Hayes.

Key dates and things to look forward to in 2015!
10th January 2015 3pm-4pm SAPSF AGM at Sultry Studios, Centurion.

This AGM is open to all supporters, athletes, instructors and studio owners. The SAPSF would like to introduce what is happening in 2015. Information will include judging system and competition plans, Pole Sports Leagues, membership benefits and our accreditation with the IPSF. Please confirm your attendance by email.
15th January 2015: Entry videos for National Pole Sports Competition 2015 (NPSC15).
Please visit our website for more information on how to enter.

7th and 14th February 2015: IPSF online judges training – via Skype. If you are interested in becoming a pole sports judge, please join this course. You can then become an official SAPSF/IPSF judge in South Africa. You do not have to be a high level pole sports athlete to join this course.

We hope to have success in training local judges so that all of the
SAPSF competitive events can be judged using the IPSF system.

11th April 2015 SAPSF National Pole Sports Competition NPSC15. Atterbury Theatre, Pretoria:
Athletes can qualify for this via video entry and via granted entry from the SAPSF Pole Sports Leagues across the country (from 2014).

Finalist athletes will receive the official IPSF Code of Points. The IPSF Code of Points is not for general release.

27th June 2015 Pole Unity:
Next year we plan to host Pole Unity in Gauteng on 27th June. This is TBC at the moment, subject to venue availability.
Pole Unity Registrations will open 6-8 weeks prior to the event.

July 2015 Kwazulu Natal SAPSF Pole Sports League:
We hope to visit Durban again with the SAPSF Pole Sports League in Durban. This will be a regional qualifier for NPSC16. Venue and date TBC.

25th and 26th July World Pole Sports Competition 2015 (WPSC15)
We look forward to sending SA’s top athletes to compete in London at the WPSC15!

29th August 2015 Gauteng SAPSF Pole Sports League, Dragon Spirit, Pretoria:
The one and only Gauteng Pole Sports League will be hosted in Pretoria. This will be a regional qualifier for NPSC16.

September/October Western Cape SAPSF Pole Sports League, Cape Town:
The one and only Western Cape Pole Sports League will be hosted in Cape Town. This will be a regional qualifier for NPSC16. Date TBC.

Thanks again for a fantastic year for Pole Sports in SA! We couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without your support.

Please feel free to comment about the SAPSF at any time. We are always looking for ways to improve the organisation.

Please let us know if you are attending our AGM on 10th January at 3pm-4pm.

Enjoy the festive season!

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