aerial sports


Aerial Sports offer a unique blend of athleticism and artistry with breathtaking displays of strength, grace, and creativity on various apparatuses such as aerial hoop and pole.


The physical and mental demands of Aerial Sports make it a highly competitive and physically challenging sport. Athletes undergo rigorous training regimens to build the necessary strength, flexibility, and coordination required for the sport. They combine strength training, flexibility exercises, and specific techniques to develop the skills needed to excel in these dynamic disciplines.


Few experiences in the world can rival the boost of self-confidence that comes from being able to lift, spin, and hold your own body in the air. There is a profound sense of empowerment that arises when you discover the strength and capabilities of your own physical being. Aerial and pole sports offer a unique avenue for individuals to tap into this power and develop an unwavering trust in their bodies.


By incorporating these diverse elements of fitness, Aerial Sports fosters the development of well-rounded athletes. The sport promotes muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility simultaneously, leading to a comprehensive and balanced level of fitness. Athletes in Aerial Sports benefit from improved body composition, increased muscular tone, enhanced cardiovascular health, and heightened flexibility.

Pole sport

Pole Sports is an extremely demanding physical activity that is performed on a vertical pole. Athletes will succeed in this sport if they train consistently and progressively within professional training centres, alongside qualified coaches.

Pole Sports is an explosive, high-impact sport that requires great physical and mental exertion. Extreme levels of strength and endurance are required to lift, hold and spin the body. A high degree of flexibility is needed to contort, pose, demonstrate lines and execute techniques. Motor skills must be highly honed in order to control co-ordination and balance during compulsory movements, and for the execution of acrobatic movements on the pole.

Athletes must have maximum cardiovascular fitness in order to show that they have immense stamina; this is reflected in the constant flow and the ease of movement throughout the routine.


aerial hoop

The aerial hoop, also known as the lyra or aerial ring, is a circular apparatus suspended in the air that is commonly used in aerial arts and circus performances. It consists of a solid metal hoop that is rigged to a secure point overhead, allowing performers to engage in a wide range of acrobatic movements and stunning displays of strength and grace

Aerial hoop routines can involve fluid spins, elegant transitions, breathtaking drops, and intricate poses that highlight the performer’s strength and artistic expression. The hoop’s circular shape offers a unique canvas for artists to explore their creativity and create visually stunning sequences. The combination of dynamic movements, precise control, and aerial artistry makes aerial hoop performances both captivating and awe-inspiring.


Aerial flying pole, also known as aerial pole or flying pole, is a captivating and dynamic apparatus used in aerial arts. It combines elements of pole dancing and aerial acrobatics, creating a unique and exhilarating form of artistic expression.

The aerial flying pole consists of a long vertical pole that is securely rigged in the air, allowing performers to execute a wide range of acrobatic movements while being suspended above the ground. The pole used for aerial flying is typically made of metal, such as stainless steel or brass, and it is specifically designed to withstand the forces and stresses applied during dynamic aerial maneuvers.

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