This workshop weekend is a united effort of the aerial community and the SAPSF to educate and assist fellow aerial enthusiast to elevate their pole and lyra training.  

All the proceeds will go straight back to ensure the growth of the aerial community in South Africa.

Whether you are a pole or lyra dance enthusiast, an athlete that wants to compete or coach – these workshops are specifically created to assist in your journey.

workshops schedule

Saturday 25 November 2023

Pole Studio
9:3010:15FlexiFloor WorkshopDaniela Baker
10:3011:30FlexiPole: Intermediate to AdvanceDaniela Baker
11:4512:45StrongPole: Intermediate- AdvanceDee Biobaku
12:4513:15Lunch Break 
13:1514:15Pole FlowTania Becker
14:3015:30StrongPole: BeginnerColleen Tarran

Aerial Studio

09:3010:30HoopStrength:  BeginnerKarien Ferreira

HoopFlex: Beginner

Kaitlin Rawson
11:4512:45Hoop Dynamics Unleashed: Drops, Jumps & RollsChloe Alers and Jenna Biart
13:1514:15FULLY BOOKED Flying Pole IntroZuki Ndodana

HoopStrength: Intermediate  – Advance

Alison Ballard

Sunday 26 November 2023

Pole Studio
9:009:30Group Warm Up 
11:0012:00FlexiPole: BeginnerCeleste la Mantia
12:0012:30Lunch Break 
13:4515:00Choreocraft: Developing your pole and aerial actAlana Jackson
15:1016:00All the little things:  Crack the CodeAlison Ballard
Aerial Studio
9:4010:45FULLY BOOKED Flying Pole IntermediateZuki Ndodana
11:0012:00Hoop Spin ArtistryTania Becker
12:3013:30HoopFlex: Intermediate – AdvanceAlana Jackson
13:4515:00Choreocraft: Developing your pole and aerial actAlana Jackson


 Package Total PriceCalculated cost per workshop
1 x Workshop300300
2 x Workshops550275
3 x Workshops750250
4 x Workshops800200
Saturday Day Pass875175
Sunday Day Pass875175
Full Weekend Pass1500150


FNB | SA Pole Sports Federation
ACC NO: 6244 4142 351 | BC: 256755
REF: Name and Surname UNITY

Email proof of payment to or SMS to 083 233 1656

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Pole Studio

09:30 10:15 FlexiFloor Workshop
Instructed by Daniela Baker

Want to achieve those 160 and 180 degree split lines? Then this workshop is for you, designed to give the tools to train flexibility efficiently
All Levels Welcome

10:30 11:30 FlexiPole: Intermediate to Advance
Instructed by Daniela Baker

Many times it’s not the end product but the way you get into it. Daniella will take you through the more advance flexibility moves.  This workshop will focus on the flex moves in the Code of Points (0.5 – 0.8) 

Requirement: Invert, outside and inside leg hang, solid brass monkey

11:45 12:45 StrongPole: Intermediate- Advance
Instructed by Dee Biobaku

This intensive session is designed for intermediate-level pole dancers ready to master advanced moves and build exceptional strength. Join us for a dynamic and empowering experience that will challenge and inspire you.
Requirement: Solid Invert, outside and inside leg hang

13:15 14:15 Pole Flow
Instructed by Tania Becker

Join us for an enriching Pole Floorwork Workshop, where creative movement on and off the pole will be shared. Elevate your dance skills and explore the beauty of movement in a supportive and inspiring environment.

All Levels Welcome

14:30 15:30 StrongPole: Beginner
Instructed by Colleen Tarran

Unleash your inner strength and conquer the pole with our this Workshop. This specialized session is dedicated to mastering the art of pole dance strength moves. Join us for an intensive experience that will empower you to execute impressive and gravity-defying tricks with precision and grace.
All Levels Welcome

Aerial Studio

10:30 11:30 HoopFlex: Beginner
Instructed by Kaitlin Rawson

Enhance your flexibility moves in our Aerial Hoop Flexibility Beginners Workshop. Join us to learn fundamental techniques for achieving the full potential of your flexibility
All Levels Welcome

11:45 12:45 Hoop Dynamics Unleashed: Drops, Jumps & Rolls
Instructed by Chloe Alers and Jenna Biart

Our young aerialist team will show you all the little inside techniques to achieve rolls and drops and all the other things you see on instagram 🙂 
Requirement: Solid Top Bar Invert

13:15 14:15 Flying Pole Intro
Instructed by Zuki Ndodana

Take flight with us in our Flying Pole Intro Workshop! If you’ve ever been curious about the thrilling world of aerial pole dance, this session is your perfect starting point. Join us for an exciting introduction to the art of dancing on a fly pole and experience the sensation of flight in a supportive and beginner-friendly environment.
Previous Pole Experience (solid invert) required.

14:30 15:30 HoopStrength: Intermediate – Advance
Instructed by Alison Ballard

Elevate your aerial hoop skills and strength to remarkable new levels in our Aerial Hoop Strength: Intermediate – Advance Workshop. This intensive session is tailored for aerial enthusiasts with experience who are eager to master advanced hoop moves and build exceptional strength. Join us for a dynamic and empowering experience that will challenge and inspire you on your aerial journey.
Requirement: Solid Top Bar Invert


Pole Studio

09:00 09:30 Group Warm Up: Free All Welcome

9:40 10:45 TwinPole: Doubles Workshop
Instructed by Melani Martin and Kristin de Jager

Experience the thrill of collaboration and partnership in our TwinPole: Doubles Workshop. This dynamic and engaging session is tailored for pole dance enthusiasts who want to explore the world of doubles pole dancing with a partner. Don’t have a partner? No problem – just bring yourself and we will organize a partner for you.
Requirement: Solid Invert, outside and inside leg hang

11:00 12:00 FlexiPole: Beginner
Instructed by Celeste la Mantia

Unleash your inner flexibility and grace in our FlexiPole workshop designed especially for beginners. If you’ve ever dreamed of achieving those elegant pole dance splits and backbends, this session is your starting point. Join us for a fun and supportive experience that will help you improve your range of motion.
All Levels Welcome

12:30 13:30 Pole Dynamic Artistry
Instructed by Christien Cronje

This workshop will focus on impressive moves – catered to your level of ability – to add some excitement to your repertoire. Join Christien for a fun-filled hour of jumps, spin and flips. Let’s get dynamic! 
Requirement: Solid Invert, outside and inside leg hang

13:45 15:00 Choreocraft: Developing your pole and aerial act (BOTH POLE AND HOOP)
Instructed by Alana Jackson

Unleash your creativity and artistry for Pole and Hoop Routines. This unique and exciting session is designed for hoop and pole dancers who want to craft captivating and original routines. Join us for a transformative experience that will guide you through the process of creating dynamic and memorable acts.
All Levels Welcome

15:10 16:00 All the little things:  Crack the Code
Instructed by Alison

It’s time to point those feet, straighten your legs and achieve the requirements for easy points. What is 360 degrees? What is 720 degrees? Correct lines? Bad transitions? This workshop will reveal all! This workshop will both be presented on pole and hoop.
All Levels Welcome

Aerial Studio

09:40 10:45 Flying Pole Intermediate
Instructed by Zuki Ndodana

Ready to take your flying pole skills to the next level? Our Flying Pole Intermediate Workshop is designed for those who have some experience with the flying pole and want to explore more advanced moves and techniques. Join us for a thrilling session that will challenge and inspire your aerial dance journey
Requirement: Solid Pole Invert, outside and inside leg hang

11:00 12:00 Hoop Spin Artistry
Instructed by Tania Becker

Experience the enchanting world of spinning on the aerial hoop in our Aerial Hoop Spin Workshop. This specialized session is designed for aerialists of all levels who wish to master the art of graceful and dynamic hoop spins. Join us for an exhilarating exploration of movement and flow as you learn to spin and twirl with finesse.
Requirement: Solid Invert to sit in Hoop

12:30 13:30 HoopFlex: Intermediate – Advance
Instructed by Alana Jackson

Elevate your aerial hoop skills to new heights with our HoopFlex Intermediate – Advance Workshop. Designed for experienced aerialists, this intensive session will expand your repertoire, challenge your abilities, and refine your artistry on the aerial hoop. Join us for an empowering and dynamic experience that will take your aerial journey to the next level.
Requirement: Solid Top Bar Invert